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Human Resources
  • Visitor and Honorary Appointments
  • Performance Development Review
  • Accelerated Increment
  • HDR Milestone Reporting
  • Special Considerations or Deferred Examinations
  • Manage My Degree - Coursework
  • Manage My Degree - Higher Degree Research
  • Travel Approval

Available Reports

Reports are available through the ANU Insight portal and can be run at any time by staff who have access to the reports. Data is refreshed on a daily basis.
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Travel reports

  1. Current risk higher than at approval
  2. Outstanding travel approval
  3. Post travel not completed
  4. Travel detail
  5. Travel summary
  6. Travellers by country location
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Visiting and Honorary Appointment (VaHA) reports

  1. VaHA eForm list
  2. VaHA eForm list – upcoming end of appointment
  3. VaHA eForm detail
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Accelerated Increments (AI) reports

  1. AI eForm List
  2. AI awaiting approval
  3. AI declined applications
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Student eForm Reporting

  1. eForm workflow tracking
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Performance & Development Review eForm 20-January-2017

With a commitment to continuous improvement, a new iteration of the PDR eForm is being released to encompass the following enhancements for all newly created PDR eForms:

  • Wrap text functionality, for all forms going forward has been enabled and text box sizes have been increased in both the ‘training and development activities’ and 'measurable performance indicator' boxes of the eForm.
  • The start date of a staff member’s 12 month PDR cycle will not be generated from the calendar option at the commencement of the PDR eForm. The 12 month PDR cycle start date will now commence at 'supervisor sign off' stage only.

The IDTC and Culture & Performance Development team continue to work on a schedule of future PDR eForm enhancements and further improvements which will be launched in 2017.

For any assistance relating to the PDR process, information regarding the release above or feedback and improvement suggestions please contact the Culture & Performance Development team on performancedevelopment@anu.edu.au or +61 2 6125 5966.

Student Administration Continuous Improvement releases 11-January-2017

With a commitment to continuous improvement the following changes have been recently released across the Student Administration eForms:

  • HDR Milestones
    • RIT declaration for students to acknowledge coursework has been undertaken before attempting the test
    • Inclusion of Milestone grade, as well as status, in the eForm and output documents
  • MMD Coursework
    • Wording changes to Introduction page to assist with ease of use
    • Wording change to Introduction page to assist with ease of use, including explanation of date constraints for program extension
    • Program extension date added to approver summary page
    • Include student full name and application type into eForm name
    • Improve visibility of eForms which are returning to EGAP with further information from the student, including amended notification email
    • Ability for EGAP to upload supporting documentation
    • Added field for EGAP to outline to colleges when exams should be rescheduled and include these comments on emails and output documentation
In addition, the naming convention for files uploaded to ERMS has been standardised across all Student Administration eForms.

If you have any feedback on the Student Administration eForms, please contact your College Student Administrator.

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